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January 1st 2016

Dear Mr. Polo

I'm wasting away in this cold weather. Where can we play when it's so cold outside ?

Well my friend, funny you should ask. We are just completing work on our indoor facility on Park street in Kitchener. It will be ready in January and we will be playing at least one time a week...stay tuned for more info.


March 9th 2015


Hey, Mr. Polo just got back from the Great Lakes Winter Classic...a major polo tournament with some of the BEST players from all over the world. We spent part of the day asking people who had never seen polo what they thought of the game using only one are the results..


AWESOME...COOL...HAIRY ( may be a description of some of the players !!), FAST, SKILLED, OUT OF CONTROL, NOT FOR ME, I COULD WATCH ALL DAY (way more than one word)


December 24th 2014


Dear Mr. Polo...I heard alot of crazy terms playing polo this year...can you fill me in on what they mean ?


Jointing...trapping and dragging the ball with your mallet head,,,not allowed for more that a couple seconds.


Tacoed...a wheel that gets badly bent out of shape.


Joust...a 'face off' to start all games where two players ride out to the ball in the middle.


Chuckers...a type of polo wheel that is built to take a beating.

Dear Mr. Polo...I've seen those fancy dual brake levers on your bikes...I'm on a limited budget..can I make my own ?


Mr. Polo....You bet you can and most of us do...we love working on our is a condensed tutorial...hope it helps.


Step # 1 : Find a brake lever that has the cable end hook up right on the lever and drill it out clear through.

Step # 2 : Aquire some aluminum 1/2 inch from Canadian tire and drill out three equally placed holes, self tap them with a steel cable adjuster, easy to do, get it started and use pliers to keep twisting it all the way through. Aluminum is soft enough to allow you to do this. Twist three adjusters into place and grind all sharp bits off.

Step # 3 :  Find a piece of steel tube, I bought some long drill bits at KW Surplus for .99. Carefully grind a flat surface to allow for easier drilling. Drill out a hole wide enough to allow a brake cable to pass through. Place the tube through the hole in the lever, run your cables through and hook up your brakes...then hit the hardcourt !!!


Keep those questions coming and until next time...3-2-1-Polo !!!