Pickup Games

When is the drop-in pickup?

Our most up-to-date information is posted to Facebook. For your convenience, we list our Facebook events here on this site, but for cancellations, venue changes and discussion you will want to click the below event and log in.

In the summer, games are usually pretty ad-hoc - usually a member will post an event on a whim, and see how many people are willing to join in. You are always welcome to show up unannounced, and there is no cost in the summer.

In the winter season, we used to play at the KW Badminton Club, but sadly in winter 2020 the Polodrome was converted to a batting cage. Combining the two is a little too dangerous even for us. We are still looking into options for winter play.

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What skill level do you need to be at?
If you can ride a bike fairly well, you are set.  We were all beginners once and have not forgotten this. Bring a positive attitude and you will be fine. Polo is about having fun.

What should I bring with me??
  • Water or other beverage
  • Helmet
  • Bicycle (there could be a loaner, but you can't count on it - you can check with members)
  • Hockey gloves (optional)
  • Cookies or other baked goods (OK, that's optional too but will get you brownie points)
  • We have some loaner mallets, but you should let someone know you are coming and need one, to make sure one shows up

In order to get placed on our pickup game notification email list fill in this form. We sometimes send out an email to notify non-Facebookers of ad-hoc games, but sometimes there is not a lot of notice; and let's be honest - we're more interested in smacking a ball around rather than organizing things. Facebook (or even this page) is really the best place to check-in.