Monday, October 24, 2011

Bikeapolooza 3 Results. Pickup Continues

Hey all, here are the results from bikeapolooza 3
The really awesomes from KDub finished slightly above mid pack!

1st - The Mighty Drop Bears (Alexis/Maija/Lewis)
2nd - Sweet Redemption (Shane/Glen/Mitch)
3rd - Eindhoven (Rutgy/Ngaihon/Emily)
4rd - Nookie Monsters (Luke/Seamus/Brodie)
5th - 50 Piece Wing (Justin/Matt/Paul)
5th - The Really Awesomes (John/Shawn/Justin)
7th - Thunderbeards (Rob/Andrew/Fabian)
7th - Bin Der Dun Dat (Coach/Johnny C/Kyle)
9th - Fighting Buddhas (Tyzun/Thomas/Kris)
9th - Pooloo Magic (Mike/Neill/Stephen)
9th - TeeBeDee (Matt P/DaveW/Tiera and Russ)
9th - Solar Bears (Kristen/Joel/Navid)

Regular pickup games continue.
See you Thursday and Sunday

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