Our Tournaments

A small listing of some of the coming and past tournaments we or sister clubs have hosted.

Current tournaments
For an updated listing of this year's tournaments around the world, check out Bike Polo Calendar.

Locally, we are hoping to host something in the late summer 2024 here, check back for more info!

Previous tournaments

Northsides 2022
In September 2022 K-W hosted the Northsides Qualifier tournament. The best 2 teams from Ontario went on to the North American championship tournament!

Winter Tournaments
We held many fun tournaments at the Polodrome, like this one! We were too busy playing polo to post about them here.


Northsides 2015

Check out our section of the side dedicated just for Northsides:  Northsides 2015

Great Lake Winter Classic 2015

Friday, February 28, 2014 - Sunday, March 2, 2014
Host club: 
Court size: 
1 court, 108x44, painted concrete (treated for grip)
At the Toronto International Bicycle Show
Friday 28th February - Sunday 2nd March
A high profile indoor showcase tournament for bike polo, with 1 court, surrounded by bleachers.
20 teams
Court: 108' x 44'. 4' strong boards. Painted concrete floor (we will be treating it, to make it grippier)
Thursday 27th: Court Build
Friday 28th:
Pre 12pm: preperation
12pm-4:30pm: Bench
4:30pm-8:30pm: Group A, 3 rounds
11pm-2am: Pickup at our indoor pickup court
Saturday 1st:
9am-1pm: Group B, 3 rounds
1pm-7pm: Combined Group, 2 rounds
10pm-3am: Pickup and Party at our indoor pickup court (tbc)
Sunday 2nd:
9am-5:30pm: Elimination
Registration won't be a click race, but will stay open for few weeks, with teams chosen by the following factors:
Teams who’ve played in Toronto tournaments before.
Teams with good results in top tournaments (NAs, Worlds etc)
Teams travelling from far
Teams who can play on Friday.
Team with NAH qualified refs, and experience of reffing big tournaments.
The reason for this is that the event organisers want to provide the best entertainment we can to the crowd, which includes having the best possible polo on show, and teams from a variety of scenes.
A registration form will be made available soon.


Better Living Centre
Exhibition Place
Toronto, ON

Oktoberfest Open

Bring your team of 3

2 day format 

Day 1: Swiss Rounds @ 10am
Day 2: Round Robin @ 10am

Location:    Conestogo Community Park

Registration: $30 per team

Saturday night, party at one of the many Oktoberfest Venues during Canada's Greatest Bavarian Festival

Or if craft beer is more your thing, try the new event "Craftoberfest"

Previous Events Below

Polo For The People 2

Polo for the people Two!!! Mini Tourney and demo.

Kitchener City Hall is hosting Bike Fest on Sunday May 26th and Kdub Polo Club will be there with a small court for some 2 on 2 action!

We will be doing a small tourney with teams drawn to combine more experienced players with less experience. The minimum requirement is that you have to have tried polo at least once.

Pickup will start at 11 with teams drawn at 12. Event ends at 4.

Find out more, and join in the conversations here:

Date: Oct 20 & 21, 2012
Location: Bridgeport Community Centre

Bench Minor Style.
Estimated 4 teams of 6. No limits on # players that can register.


Saturday Bench Minor Regular Play
9am: Open court- no set plans.
10am - 6pm: Register + Polo

Saturday night we will be having  party at Neill's

Sunday Bench Minor Finals
9am: open court
10am: Polo



Date: Oct 22 & 23. 2011
Location: Waterloo Public Square

Saturday will be swiss rounds to generate the seeding for Sunday.
9am registration, 10am - 6pm: the polo

Saturday night we will be having an alley cat through the bustling city + polo party at Cafe Pyrus
6:30pm alley cat start

Sunday will be a double elimination.
9am open court, 10am: the polo

We will have the usual breakfast for you on Saturday and Sunday.

We are setting the cost at $15/ person.

There will be prizes and a T-shirt.

Official registration below.
You can fill out and modify your entry by clicking  HERE

Contact us at: info@kwpoloclub.ca

Polo For The People
This tournament is meant for players of all skill levels. There will be pick-up games as well as an elimination tournament.
  • 2 courts (1 hockey arena pad and 1 double tennis court with boards set up)
  • lots of mallets to borrow if you don't have your own
  • all day tournament (register as an individual and we will draw names to make teams of 3) everyone is welcome!! 11am-5pm (teams will be drawn at 11am or soon after)
  • all day pick-up!!!!
  • party on wheels!!!
Date: April 30, 2011,  10am-5pm
Location: Albert McCormick Arena and Tennis Courts
Contact info: info@kwpoloclub.ca